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Dana Point is just a sleepy little town. It will never be a Laguna Beach.

The plants they have put down the center of the street are too big and now we have no street parking. It also makes it hard to drive through town. It looks over-grown already, and what about the nice parades we had? It was such a nice sleepy town.

I understand we need a change, but bigger is not always better.

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  • I agree that the planners (If you can call them that) have over done it to the max.
    Wait ’til all those palm trees fill out. There won’t be enough sun to nourish the plants in the center divider. Eternal shade for the Lantern District. (Couldn’t we have stuck with
    Town Center?) This can’t be the sensible city government we used to have!

    • LOL now we’re even complaining about a name change to Lantern District? Which by the way sounds 1000 times better than “Town Center” which sounds like the main shopping center in Laguna Woods or something.

  • It’s shocking how many people in this city are against any growth. Guess what? Over time, cities change. If you want a slower pace of life maybe you should move to some place up the central coast or Laguna Woods. We’re in coastal Southern California for gods sake, one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world and it’s a sad state of affairs when we have a downtown that looks the way it does in this day and age.

    • Long-Time Resident Reply

      It’s worse than that. Read the section entitled “Land Use & Housing” in the Election Code Section 9212 Report. The city has no choice but to take in more residents. Direct quotes:

      “If the City cannot identify alternate underutilized sites or vacant land to accommodate the reduced yield [under H] of the TC Plan area, the City’s Housing Element would no longer be in compliance with State requirements.”

      “The Initiative [H] affects the City’s ability to meet its regional housing needs and is counter to State-wide housing policy relative to affordable housing.”

  • Long time loser , your gloom and doom propaganda machine apparently has no end.
    Get over it you lost .

comments (5)

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