By Wayne Via, Dana Point 

I look forward to reading the Dana Point Times each Friday. I can find concerts, movies in the park, city meetings and events. This morning (DP Times, Aug. 14-20) I found disappointing news. My favorite event of this past year, IlluminOcean, has been canceled by the Tourism Business Improvement District.

They said it was because of money, but they seem to have forgotten that the money they receive is from taxes that come from hotel guests and weekly rental. Residents have to put up with crowded restaurants, busy streets and few parking spaces all year because of the tourists, with the only benefit being the Christmas decorations.

I enjoyed IlluminOcean so much that I wrote a five-star review for it on TripAdvisor.

I know they probably figure they will get a higher class of clientele by advertising in fancy magazines and sponsoring expensive promotions, but why can’t they give a little bit back to the residents of Dana Point?

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