By Art Burnevik, Dana Point

Patriotism requires national pride and a sovereign nation. Those are the quintessential precursors to a great nation and a free society. This pride must be imbued in the population and safeguarded from the bottom up and the top down. If the lack of allegiance and attention to our flag in the Festival of Whales Parade in the heart of the California conservative enclave known as Orange County is a concern (see the letter by Terry Goller, “Patriotism at Parade Severely Lacking,” in last week’s DP Times), consider the ignorance and infectious hostility propagated in our indoctrination centers, formerly known as public schools and colleges both private and public throughout the country where a decaying sense of “American Values” is the intended outcome.

While the president of the United States is doing the wave with a communist dictator who kills and tortures all political resistors and poses for a family photo with a massive mural of the murderous fascist Che Guevara in the background, what message do we think it sends to an already indoctrinated, weak-minded class of citizens and illegal aliens? When the POTUS practically worships communist dictators and see no “optics issue” posing with an ISIS-style “socialist hero” who burned books, killed gays and was a racist against blacks; no wonder America is lost in liberal outer space. Unfortunately, it’s not an unintended consequence; rather, it is a play-by-play implementation of the Saul Alinsky rule book on how to destroy America, not requiring any thinking on the part of Obama.

Patriotic Americans have been asleep at the wheel and in denial. Our unsecured borders are allowing illegals into our country and rewarding them with a free ride while our working class has to obey the laws and pays the cost of insane liberalism in dollars, common sense and multi-culturalism. We are sitting by and allowing a corruption of the 14th Amendment, not originally intended to support an absurd birthright invasion, rather to protect the offspring of the emancipated slaves; yet no one wants to question this stupidity for fear of being accused of racism against Chinese, Syrians, Canadians, Russians, Latinos or any other group that plays Americans as idiots willing to give away citizenship and sovereignty like some cheap carnival trinket.

We are no longer the melting pot where becoming an American meant something. It’s no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free. It’s more like the home of the naive and the land of something for free: citizenship.

“So what’s so special about America anyway,” a fool may ask. Once the patriots have been eliminated, the answer to the question will be what the government tells you to think in a new national First Amendment “safe zone” for morons, renamed Amerika.


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