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Brad Drew, Capo Beach

In response to Mr. Dick Rudolph’s on-going dialogue with the readers of the DP Times over the city’s plastic bag ban, I submit my two cents.

Dear Dick,

Firstly, it seems that your understanding of our City Council is incomplete. They are elected officials made up of your fellow citizens, peers, neighbors, friends and relatives. They are not beyond reproach, not some clandestine organization working in the shadows. If you disagree with their decisions, use the Constitutional rights you speak of so often and vote them out of office. It’s simple, right?

By the way, the poorly researched and illegal bag ban law you speak of is actually quite the opposite. A little homework will enlighten you. Search Google: plastic bag bans environment.

As you seem to be some sort of Constitutional scholar, I ask you this question sir: Where in the Constitution does it state that you have the right to an unlimited supply of supermarket-issued plastic bags? I’ve looked and can’t find it anywhere. My research says the framers wisely left important decisions like the bag ban in the capable hands of the state and local governments.

I would propose that you stop suckling off the corporate nipple and go out and buy your own plastic bags in the future. What a boon to the local economy that would be if you and the rest of the Tea Partiers like you stopped complaining and did the same.

Secondly, gripping reading as they may be, I find your trips to the Capo Beach Smart & Final and the research evidence that you conclude to be purely anecdotal. I visited our local Smart & Final and my results were completely contrary to yours. My stopwatch and I (actually it was my iPhone) found no longer or shorter check out times overall, and my checker told me she had noticed no difference in wait times since the bag ban.

Basing assumptions on anecdotal evidence is just bad science. Shame on us. As for the extra few seconds you lost to longer wait times in your experience, I would propose that both you and I have plenty to spare given our superfluous trips to Smart & Final. Good business thrives on innovation, let’s leave it to the experts to figure out a better way to bag groceries without plastic. This will in turn leave you more time to drive out to San Juan Capistrano to do your grocery shopping, which is your right.

To be sure, the derisive tone of your condescending letters may spark many readers ire. It is when your so-called individual rights—to use single-use plastic bags—start infringing upon my right to a clean environment, that sir is when I stand up, which is something I’m sure a man like Patrick Henry could truly get behind.

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