Philip Gioia, Dana Point

I have lived in Dana Point for more than 28 years. I live off of Golden Lantern in the “Landings,” or more familiarly, called “The Bible Belt,” due to streets named after books of the bible.

The problem and concern I raise has been in existence since the inception of this city in 1989. The speed limit along Golden Lantern, between Stonehill and Camino Del Avion is 40 mph. Most of the drivers are traveling at speeds of 60 mph or more, especially between the hours of noon and 8 p.m.

I have rarely seen a police presence; in fact, I cannot remember when I have seen the Sheriff along this route, let alone giving out speeding tickets!

I dread crossing Golden Lantern from my community; because of the increased traffic and speeding cars, it presents a challenge. In addition, I often have “tailgaiters” behind me, and they honk and speed by as though I was standing still… it is frustrating and is a worse situation on weekends.

I believe 40 mph is appropriate for the area, considering both the high density of our populous and the presence of high schoolers walking home.

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  • I’d be interested in knowing how many speeding tickets the Dana Point sheriff’s department issues in Dana Point (not on PCH) in a year, particularly on Golden Lantern and other residential Lantern streets. Not many. Reference the April 8, 2016 death of Mr. Raitt on Golden Lantern, and the cover-ups since.

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