By Art Burnevik, Dana Point

In response to Jim Kempton’s column in last week’s issue, titled “Cuba Libre,” only a knuckleheaded liberal with all the tired “progressive” indoctrination talking points would be boasting about “free” medical care provided to the mass of communist prisoners (not citizens) in Cuba as though it is some model to be exalted. It’s a veiled argument in support of Obamacare. The Cubans are not citizens. That would describe people with rights. They are prisoners totally subservient to a brutal regime. They have an average income of $40-$50 per month. So let’s open up trade so they can buy a Tesla or 4K HDTV? What nonsense! Cuba has had open trade with the rest of the world since the day America kicked out the Russians and their atomic arsenal in the 1960’s. The austerity in Cuba is about communism not our embargo.

The embargo was not intended to elevate the Cuban people. It was designed to suppress the regime that was loading in nuclear missiles pointed at the USA. It’s been working to protect America for over 50 years. Kempton boasts about the quality of life for the average Cuban, citing the “free” health care and bragging that their illiteracy rate is “as good as ours.” I think he meant “as bad as ours.” Kempton would have you think that America’s infant mortality rate is something other than outstanding internationally, especially with a population over 330 million as compared to the 11 million Cubans, but as usual, facts don’t matter.

Obamacare health insurance is not health care, especially if you pay a $5,000 to $10,000 deductible that is transferred to others as a “premium supplement.” It’s just more Obama doublespeak to lift the stigma of one more government redistribution/dependency scam that we used to call welfare.

Obama’s Cuba plan is to open another border to import more poverty and under-educated liberal voters. The Cubans are a perfect target to enhance the liberal ranks. They are accustomed to a poverty lifestyle and are totally dependent on government. That’s the government model Obama depends on today. It’s what he refers to as “transforming America.” He is bypassing our Constitution and writing Executive Orders like a dictator; so it’s understandable why he might admire the Castro regime and identify with their absolute power to control the masses. When the opposition is eliminated through our ballot process, we will be left with a totalitarian government. It takes millions of useful idiots to be misdirected from freedom to “freedumb” like Jim Kempton to make that happen.

Cuba has failed miserably in her communist experiment. Thank goodness “Super Obamaman” has stepped in to rescue and support his fellow dictator brothers, the Castros.

How would strengthening the regime possibly help the Cuban prisoners?

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