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Mary Michel Green, San Clemente

I live in San Clemente, and I vote. I am neither a registered Democrat nor Republican, but a “decline to state a party” voter.

I signed up to participate in Representative Darrell Issa’s last two constituent telephone town halls. On Monday, Jan. 30, I answered their phone call on the first ring and pressed “3” to ask him a question immediately. Throughout the one-hour call, he repeatedly kept advising listeners to press the buttons and ask questions, strongly implying that lines were open, despite the fact that I was waiting. The same thing happened in the meeting last fall. Almost all the callers who are let through seemed to be Republicans, and a number congratulated him on his election victory. The one caller who appeared to be opposed to Mr. Issa politically, someone from Dana Point, was interrupted several times by Rep. Issa in a rude, dismissive tone before he could get a sentence out.

Rep. Issa claims he hasn’t had an in-person constituent town hall in his district since 2009 because that one cost the taxpayers $50,000 and he can hold the telephone town hall from Washington for $100 to save us money. If he acted in good faith and took all calls received, I wouldn’t argue with it. But it is just an excuse to avoid honest communication with voters. This is authoritarian behavior not worthy of the U.S. government, which should be for all the people, not just some.

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comments (9)

  • Have you seen the behavior of the Left lately? I can’t blame him.

    • Jim, criticizing their behavior has nothing to do with this. Republicans disrupted town halls and yelled their representatives when Obama was in office, what makes you think that Democrats would just sit back and not do the same now that they’re the ones in the wilderness?

  • Thank you, Mary. I had the same experience. I picked up on a “half” ring minutes before the town hall even started. I waited the hour as I listened to mostly cheerleaders of Darrell Issa. I would sure love to know why it would cost $50,000 for an in-person town hall. I’ve read accounts from different sheriff offices that it just isn’t so.

  • @ Jim

    Excellent observation. The leftists are all about rioting, vandalism, and assault because they cannot stand the free market place of ideas. Thus, they must shut down all speech they don’t agree with.

    • Nonsense, Jim. The “left” schooled all right protests by the nonviolence and lack of arrests by the millions of marchers of the women’s marches. You’re just jealous, aren’t you? Trump rallies? Violence that was even encouraged by the candidate.

  • This reflects my experience exactly. My question was “vetted” approximately halfway through the hour but he spent the balance of the time filibustering.

  • Also, why are these phone calls scheduled in the middle of the afternoon on a WORK day? I’m pretty sure his constituents live in the Pacific time zone.

  • I am concerned that he is deliberately filtering out people who are critical or will ask challenging questions he doesn’t want to answer. I can’t help but think that is why he won’t do townhalls either. This is shortly after he wrote an article in the Union-Tribune saying that legislators must listen to their voters.

  • Nobody can honestly think that Darrell Issa is interested in representing anyone not on the radical far right. He never has been, and never will.

    We can expect him to ignore the flagrant illegal acts of the tRump administration (while it lasts). We can expect hime to keep wasting millions of tax payer dollars on politically motivated witch-hunts.

comments (9)

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