By Carlos N. Olvera, Dana Point

On Tuesday night Rick Erkeneff, director of South Coast Water District, took to public comments during the City Council meeting to take a political pot shot at my history of water use in Dana Point opinion piece (“It’s History: Bringing Water to Our Desert Historically Difficult”) in last week’s issue of the Dana Point Times. He said he had “a bit of a wag of the finger” for me and made the assumption I said water conservation is not necessary because it doesn’t work. In my article I (Reg. Professional Engineer, No. M 26443) stated that “Conservation did not work in the past; it will not work in the future. We have always had more people than water.”

A hundred years of history has shown there has never been an adequate local water supply for the influx of residents. We have nearly exhausted our local water producing wells. We are being choked off our imported water source. We have three water districts sucking water off the same straw.

Erkeneff took one sentence from the article, out of context, and ran with it. Reading that statement in context with the entire article, it is obvious that I was in no way advising people not to conserve. Conservation is an important part of an overall response to drought and water supply shortage. I was, however, pointing out the fact that conservation by itself, has never and will never, be enough. Dana Point residents must learn conservation and storage of water. My article was history. This is reality.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana, 1905.

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  • Capo Beach Water Saver Reply

    Mr. Mayor,

    It is your discouraging letter that was unwarranted. People need more encouragement to conserve water. Regardless of how you are now attempting to explain your comments, the net effect for most people casually reading your letter was a pessimistic view of the effort to conserve water. Not what I’d expect from a city leader.

    • Not only was his comment and letter unwarranted but so was his vote to allow 109 condos to be built in Dana Point. Where is the water going to come from just to build that size project let alone support the needs of the residents who are going to live there?

comments (2)

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