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In capitulating to the plaintiff only 15 days after notice of a potential lawsuit was served (instead of taking the full 45 days allowed), and with the minimum opportunity for Dana Point citizens to weigh in on the ramifications, the city attorney and City Council took from every Dana Point voter the right to vote five times in at-large city elections every four years. The right to vote and determine how our city is governed was reduced to one vote in district elections every four years. The reasoning behind this council decision was fear induced by the city attorney’s specious examples of multimillion-dollar judgements.

The Dana Point City Council can rectify this terrible decision. They can hire expert outside counsel for this CVRA case, anyone other than Patrick Munoz, to represent the residents who vote for council members, pay taxes in this city and have every right to expect our opportunity to vote on our city government is not negotiated away. Instruct outside counsel to follow the example of Mission Viejo by engaging in a negotiation that allows Dana Point voters to keep our five votes, if at all possible and also mitigate any CVRA related legal jeopardy we might face through negotiation with the plaintiff and the court. The example of Mission Viejo is clear. Dana Point residents have not been represented by this council and the city attorney. We want our votes back.

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  • Steve’s quite right. Our neighbors in Mission Viejo seem to be on the brink of a settlement to be approved by the Court involving ‘other appropriate remedies’ short of districts. Even the plaintiff’s lawyer in that case recognizes that given the small and dispersed Latino community, there is no way districts can be drawn there to increase their voting influence. Same as DP! Given the City Attorney’s public pooh poohing at every turn, sometimes in vulgar language, of any alternative but immediate capitulation, he has deeply compromised himself and cannot be a credible representative of the City in any negotiations with the elusive lawyer from La Jolla in the DP case.

  • I don’t understand why the CIty Council majority of Viczorek, Muller, and Tomlinson are rushing towards district elections. This is a profound change that affects every resident of Dana Point, and we should take all the time we can to make sure we get it right.

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