Small Group of Newer Residents Trying to Change Dana Point

Imagine you purchased a vacation home in Dana Point in 1959, it’s been in your family for 60 years, your family uses it, your kids use it, your grandkids use it, and you’ve rented it when not using it for well over 50 years. You’ve made friends with many of the guests, some have been returning for decades. In 2010 your neighbor sells. The new owner decides they don’t like vacation rentals and pleads with the city to shut them down.

That’s exactly what some STR opponents are doing. At the same time, rather than using facts, communicating concerns, so that we can identify, address, and solve real issues, they are pushing to take away property rights from every property owner in the city. Moreover, they have engaged in a campaign built in deceit and fear mongering.

What is well-documented is that vacation rentals have been a part of Dana Point since before it was a city, “A Pocket of Paradise; The Story of Beach Road” by Joe Dunn he chronicles how he and his wife Ellie discovered Dana Point in Easter of 1959 by renting a vacation home on Beach Road.

An ill-gotten successful petition got rid of an ordinance that regulated short-term rentals, created a permit that could be taken away by bad actors, instituted a 10% TOT tax, allowed homeowners associations to ban them with the support of the California Coastal Commission (which is unlikely to happen again), many short-term rental owners at the time it started thought it went too far. Many other residents and I believe that everyone has the right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their properties and that it’s important to have regulation and enforcement.

At the same time, many people choose not to live in HOA’s, value property rights and freedom and do not think that the city council should act as a pseudo HOA.

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