Charles Payne, Dana Point

Here we go again. It wasn’t that long ago the Dana Point City Council forced a flawed and unpopular Short Term Rental (STR) ordinance onto Dana Point residents. Our residents rose up en masse and defeated it in a voter referendum.

Now, history is repeating. The council majority is impatiently wanting to push out another such ordinance. Councilman Jamey Federico is trying to exert pressure on the subcommittee studying the issue. This is no surprise. He owns rental property and stands to personally profit from such an ordinance. Plus, pro-STR special interests spent thousands on his candidacy.

It’s also no surprise he is adamant the ordinance should exempt HOAs, since he lives in one. This would allow him to personally profit while guaranteeing he never has to live next to a short-term rental.

During the campaign, Federico promised a room full of voters that any potential STR ordinance would be put to a vote of the residents. He now seems poised to renege on that promise.

Watch to see if he follows the law and recuses himself from this matter in which he has a financial stake. And watch to see whether he keeps his promise and puts it on the ballot.

We will soon find out whether he represents our residents or his own self-interest. And we will see whether he trusts the residents to vote on a matter that greatly affects us all, or tries to shove this down our throats a second time.

Editor’s Note: The City of Dana Point’s attorney, Patrick Muñoz, stated to Dana Point Times that Councilmember Jamey Federico does not have a conflict of interest regarding short-term rentals. Federico stated his property is not used as a short-term rental,  and he has “no financial interest in the issue.”

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