We have been residents of this city for 46 years and have always enjoyed keeping up with the local news with the local papers that have appeared through the years.

But we are also dismayed at the ads in not just the newspapers but in the media—assuming that everyone is connected to the Internet or some sort of social media—especially public service ads such as the one for San Diego Gas & Electric. Wildfires, power outages, etc. are vital news. Are 100% of your readers on the “net?” I doubt it. However, if an ad is reaching out for me to spend money in the community, there is always a phone number.

With COVID-19 and the lockdown, there is no or little access to free use of the net, such as the library or senior centers. Even these are not available 24/7. A mail address will connect me to SDGE, as will a phone number. And even those are not available for immediate information such as a power outage or anything else that requires our attention.

Is there no way to inform the public? People who are not on the Internet are a diverse group of people: good citizens, rich and poor, young and old. Do some research and check the percentages. Thank you for keeping us informed of all the interesting things happening on a weekly basis, whether it is with schools, entertainment, politics at the local level and all other items that make Dana Point an interesting community.

Sincerely, even without an email address,

C.E. Clark

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