WAYNE VIA, Dana Point

I am so glad that the 49th Congressional District finally has a strong Democratic candidate. Mike Levin is an environmental lawyer with the know-how we need to finally get the radioactive material out of San Onofre. Another issue I’m excited about is that he wants to end the toll roads. Mike Levin is from San Juan Capistrano so he is familiar with the issues that are important to Dana Point residents. Mail in ballots arrive this week, so vote. And, as an extra incentive to vote, I was told, as soon as your mail in ballot is received, your name is taken off the county wide call list.

Editor’s Note: Campaigns can purchase a voter file from the Registrar’s Office in order to obtain email addresses or phone numbers of registered voters. While a voter’s contact information is removed from a contact list upon submitting a mail ballot, a campaign would have to ensure its contact sheet is updated daily for a name to be taken off a call list. 

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