I find it ironic that in last week’s article in Dana Point Times, Mayor Richard Viczorek infers he finds it disruptive when residents come to a city council meeting bringing a letter-sized piece of paper holding it up and says “Let Us Vote” (on short-term rentals), from a large group of local senior citizens.

This is the same mayor that presided over the most threatening, out of control and intimidating group of hooligans from out of state that came to Dana Point in April 17, 2018 regarding the SB 54 on sanctuary.

During that meeting local residents were locked out due to occupancy restrictions, these hooligans waved, held up large signs, stood up and videotaped their group objecting, saying threatening things, intimidating locals sitting in the audience of which I was one. Only one person was removed by Dana Point police, who got very belligerent and tried to start a fight. There were many others that should have been removed that were not.

So if you agree with Mayor Viczorek, you can be as disruptive as you wish and nothing much will be done, but should you exercise your first amendment rights to voice your opinion, or hold a letter size sign and voice a different opinion, you are disruptive. Mayor Viczorek, this is not the military, you are here to represent the citizens of Dana Point please just do your job and give equal voice to all residents.

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  • Hi again This is a good point, that residents votes should be mandatory. Our majority council will not change their mind unless a referendum is successful. Ms. Lewis does play the legal advocate for the people when clearly, we do see such similar examples on TV across the nation. Admittedly, the citizen group organized like a Trump rally would be overboard. We do not hear the truth via media, not very often except when the ocean is polluted again. Corruption is when lobbyist take over local TV, newspapers and many other media allowed by corrupt politicians welding the most money. Therefore, a local judge would be likely to support big money. Here, above is the canvas outcome to re-frame advantages of political corruption. It is here just as it is in Washington, that control of the Senate, like control of city council, is to shut up anyone who can protest like at a political rally, a Trump-paid sign holder.

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