I believe that most people who voted for Donald Trump didn’t set out to eliminate common decency from our culture.  They simply made a political deal with a wealthy man who really only wanted to be king. Our president thinks he is a king. And kings don’t think they have to worry about being decent.

President Trump has turned out to be an embarrassment to all Americans, even to many who voted for him.  It is time for the king to be dethroned, if for no other reason than common decency.

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  • Over 100,000 people signed up for tickets to Trump rally tonight in New Jersey in an arena that only holds 7,500. I say “only” because it’s Trump. None of the current Democrat front-runners could come close to filling that arena.

    My suggestion to you–pretend Trump is a Democrat, like he used to be in New York. Then you can marvel at our economy, our historically low unemployment rate, our stock market, and all the new trade deals that will benefit the American workers. Then smile, because a “Democrat’ did it.

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