Rob Hillerts, San Clemente

Although I was against San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station shutting down, now that the powers-to-be decided to close the facility down for good, I would like to throw out a few suggestions to those who listen to logic to—at least preserve some and put to use what’s left there.

First, food for thought: The location for the plant could be converted into a major water treatment facility for the local area. Secondly, the plant could be converted into a desalination plant to provide potable water needed for the area. Third, the plant could be transformed into a gas-fired, steam power-generating plant for electricity.

I am sure that the cost of any conversion would be monumental. The cost of scrapping is a major cost and a major headache is getting all the hot radioactive waste transferred out of the area.

Even though I was for SONGS, in a way, I am kind of glad  Edison has decided on a final decision and finally put an end to it.


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