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By Diana Schwarz-Robins

Why are we allowing the wild hogs to take over our city? As a resident in “The Village” area of Dana Point I have become accustomed to many noises, traffic on Pacific Coast Highway, music at Hennessey’s, street and utility work and the seemingly never-ending construction that is going on in our downtown area.

But the one noise that seems to drown out everything is the incessant and excessive noise produced by the motorcyclists that thinks it’s cool to modify their exhausts and rev their engines to unbearable and illegal levels.

I am fully aware of the “share the road” mentality and the never-ending excuse that this is a safety measure so people in cars are aware of motorcyclists around them. However, that is exactly what it is, an excuse.

I doubt that a motorcyclist needs to rev their engine to that decibel at 2 a.m. when there is barely a car on the road that needs to be made aware of their presence. Not a night that goes by that I don’t get woken up by some loud motorcyclist looking to boost their ego with their exaggerated exhaust. And it’s not just during the evening. As I’m writing this I have already heard three bikes roaring by and it’s not even 9:30 a.m.

The quality of life here seems to hang on the balance of these people and it’s just not fair. I don’t go around blaring my horn as I drive through the streets, so why do you feel the need to interrupt my peace and tranquility? On the other hand, there are many motorcyclists that are very respectful of the noise levels, even minimizing their acceleration as they drive through neighborhoods. Unfortunately these motorcyclists seem to be the minority. We pay a lot of money to live where we do and it’s just not right to have that disrupted by these selfish people. It’s time for the city to step up and keep Dana Point an enjoyable place to live and visit by enforcing noise levels.

The reality is that these motorcyclists can be frequently heard inside homes with the windows and doors closed. What can be more imposing than that?! Whether you are a shopper, tourist, restaurant patron trying to enjoy a meal, or resident in their home or backyard, everyone should be able to enjoy their day without the unnecessary roar of loud engines and exhaust.

In most cases, officers can easily tell whether a muffler is legal by looking at it or listening to it. Locating the noise can be made even simpler by the fact that most stop or drive right by Hennessey’s Tavern. By designating a specific deputy of the Sheriff’s Department to handle noise in this area will help to crack down the offenders and get the word out that this will no longer be tolerated in our small beach community.

It is our right and duty as taxpayers to ensure that the equipment we are paying for is being utilized by those who are hired to serve and protect us. It’s time to take a stance and keep our community enjoyable for everyone, especially our residents, because we should no longer be deafened in Dana Point.

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  • I so agree the noise level is quite unbearable. I know one guy who speeds every night in La Cresta area on his bike. No regard for people trying to sleep it’s irritating. I miss the quiet of Irvine streets and the safety.

  • The writer is so right. J.S. Mill’s admonition applies to these irresponsible Hogsters: “My right to raise my fist stops where your nose begins.” Substitute this noise obscenity for fists and ears for noses or chins and you see the eminent authority backing this letter writer’s protest.

  • This article articulates my feelings exactly. My bedroom backs up against Golden Lantern and sleep is hard to come by when motorcyclists are revving their engines to race up the hill. This is especially frustrating in the summer when I have to leave my windows open to get a breeze at night.

    I have noticed the same offenders causing excess noise night after night, with no regard for the time or disruption they are causing to others.

comments (3)

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