By Wayne Rayfield, Dana Point, and Lara Anderson, Huntington Beach

On behalf of the Town Center Subcommittee we would like to thank the entire community—residents, business owners, city staff and several key individuals—for their valuable input and all of the work that went into creating and supporting the vision of the Town Center Plan.

Some important people were missing from the ribbon cutting in the Town Center/Lantern District on Monday, Nov. 16—some are only with us in spirit now, some have moved out of the area, and not everyone’s name could fit on the plaque or in the program. But please know your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated.

We remember who was there all those hours spent in the Town Center Subcommittee meetings. We didn’t all agree on everything, but the fact that you cared enough and took the time to voice your opinions in person, fill out a survey form, contact us via email or phone calls, or opened your house for a visit from the subcommittee is reflected in the city you see today. It’s your words and ideas—whether on paper or spoken—that have come to life and helped form the city you see today.

Thank you for being a vital part of the process. We couldn’t have done it without you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Wayne Rayfield served as chairman of the Town Center Subcommittee and Lara Anderson as Vice Chairwoman of the subcommittee and is a former Dana Point mayor.

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  • Lara Anderson is a resident of Huntington Beach. Which is fitting. Since all the town center stuff will create traffic and degrade our little beach town to the soulless commercial model of Huntington. If you did not love Dana Point why didn’t you just move to Huntington in the first place ? Why do you work to try and turn our beautiful city into the dump that is Huntington?

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