Craig Alexander, Dana Point

Lynn O’Neil’s letter (March 28, DP Times, Vol. 7, Issue 13) questioning Bill Brough’s comments about Lisa Bartlett misses the mark badly.

Ms. Bartlett’s mishandling of the authority she had as chairwoman of the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency to approve contracts has made the news in a very negative way.

In short, she was formerly able to approve contracts for certain lobbyist-type services that were over the CEO’s $25,000 authority level without board approval. These approvals by Ms. Bartlett were never presented to the full board or the public for their review. One of those contracts had been increased over the years, including by Ms. Bartlett, for a total of over $517,000.

When Mr. Brough asked for a report about the transportation authority to be on the agenda, what was Ms. Bartlett’s response? To have the interim CEO of the agency come and act as her defense attorney to try and justify these foolish expenditures as a small part of the agency’s overall budget. Those are ratepayer and tax dollars Ms. Bartlett is spending. None of them should be spent behind closed doors like this.

I was at the meeting and I asked Ms. Bartlett if she ever disapproved any of the contracts or contract extensions the CEO presented her? Her answer, “No.”

It is obvious to me that Ms. Bartlett, who was paid by the TCA stipends of $7,920 in 2013, was rubber stamping anything the CEO presented her. Mr. Brough was right to call out Ms. Bartlett for her poor performance at the TCA and for not presenting a report herself and defending her actions.

Dana Point deserves better representation on the TCA board and this is one of many reasons why I am supporting Laguna Niguel City Councilman Robert Ming—and not Ms. Bartlett—to be elected on June 3 as our representative on the Orange County Board of Supervisors to replace termed out Pat Bates.

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