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Dana Point voters made it very clear in two elections last year what course they want their city to take. On Nov. 8, they elected two new Council members. The top vote-getter, Debra Lewis won by a margin of 2,225 votes over the third place candidate. Her fellow slate candidate, Paul Wyatt, beat that same candidate by 1,890 votes.

Dana Point voters overwhelmingly approved Measure H and rejected the City Council-sponsored Measure I in June 2016. The three Council members elected back in 2014 voted to put Measure I on the ballot as a way to thwart the will of thousands of Measure H petition signers. The same three members now use their voices and votes to impede and obstruct the efforts of Mayor Lewis and Mayor Pro Tem Wyatt, who are living up to their campaign commitments of “residents first” and a city government of openness and transparency.

Whether the issue is creating a Financial Review Committee and establishing workable rules and scope for its operation, organizing a meeting of all the city’s Neighborhood Watch captains with the mayor and police chief, or refining the city’s contract bidding solicitation policy, these same three members consistently find some way to impede the effort to make Dana Point city government more efficient, cost effective and representative of city residents’ best interests. People in our city are beginning to wonder why these three Council members do not make an effort to find common ground and cooperate with the newest elected Council members. They need to join in the effort to improve our city and make Dana Point an even better place to live and do business.

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  • It’s very disappointing to see our three veteran council members continuing to act as if the Measure H/I and City Council elections never happened. Councilmen Tomlinson, Viczorek, and Muller appear to think that nothing has changed, and they can continue to run the city however they and their developer backers like.

    I wonder what it will take to get them on the side of the citizens of Dana Point. Will we have to wait to vote them out when they are up for reelection in 2018? Or will they continue to do so much damage to the city that we can’t wait that long?

  • It is hard to understand why Councilmen Viczorek, Tomlinson and Muller would be so recalcitrant about supporting the measures Mayor Debra Lewis and Paul Wyatt are undertaking to make city government transparent and fiscally responsible and to address safety concerns in our neighborhoods.
    Are they acting out of embarrassment over their records since they were elected in 2014 as compared to what Debra and Paul are trying to accomplish? Do they feel that the proposals underscore their neglect in these critical areas? Hopefully they will have a change of heart and work with Debra and Paul for the best interests of the city and its residents.

  • In case politicians haven’t noticed-the citizens are AWAKE! 

    And the Dana Point citizens were certainly AWAKE last year when we went to the polls. Through measure H and I, we gave very specific direction to the City Council. 

    And yet we have three “old school politicians” ignoring the citizens clear directive! Instead the terrible trio continue to focus on their own interests and promote the greed of lurking developers.

    We are living in very unusual political times. So to my fellow citizens stay involved in local government. Go to city council meetings. Let them see our faces and hear our voices! Politicians work for us! We are not their customers-we are their CEOs. We hire and fire them.

    The terrible trio must go unless they start responding to citizens-who are in fact property owners, voters and your employers.

    Be for warned Councilmen Viczorek, Tomlinson and Muller!
    Our  community is AWAKE, AWARE knowledgeable! We are watching you, and we will act-we will vote!

comments (4)

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