By Jack and Jan Brandt, Dana Point

It is ironic that the city of Dana Point is our biggest contributor of litter. Thousands of ads and other unwanted materials, allowed by the city, are deposited on private property weekly. It is unsightly and causes a lot of pick up effort. Shame on Dana Point; there are a lot of more thoughtful cities that do not allow it.

All of my past efforts to get a response from the city on this matter have produced zero interest and I expect the same from this rant.

I suppose the lobby of realtors and small business is stronger than property owners. Sad.

A footnote: It would be interesting to see how many elected city servants live in gated communities that do not allow litter and solicitors.

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  • I’m no fan of these ads. I don’t even unroll them. They just go in the recycling bin. That daid, it’s commerce and they represent people’s livelihoods so I can live with it. Even the people that deliver them benefit. If the deliveries stopped, I can live with that but it’s not killing me to toss the roll in the bin. I understand your point though. Litter does seem to be on the rise all over the countey and maybe moreso in California. I wish the state would run PSAs on TV and radio in English and Spanish like we used to do in the 60s and 70s. They certainly spend enough dollars marketing simple or obvious crusades. The city shouldn’t ignore yoir issue though.

  • I too am tired of having to pick up these ads. Its bad enough to see them all over the place but to watch those who deliver these ads miss the mark completely and just land them in the street is appalling. Worse yet they are wrapped in plastic bags and end up in the storm drains AND THEN TO OUR OCEAN!
    The Lantern District is really pretty, but make a turn into the neighborhood… its like a landfill.

comments (2)

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