Cathy Browne, Pasadena

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at the absurdity of the article, “Coastal Cleanup Volunteers Needed to Rid Waterways of Debris.”

First of all, Ms. Papagianis and Mr. Schwarz try to infer that the reduction of trash in the coastal cleanup from September 2012 was due, in part, to the Dana Point bag ban, which was implemented in April 2013. Please don’t insult your readers like this.

Secondly, the “Don’t forget about Doheny section” states “This year the two entities are following a zero-waste policy for the cleanup and are asking volunteers to bring buckets, old chip bags or recycled paper and plastic grocery bags to collect refuse.” Since Dana Point enacted a plastic grocery bag ban, is the author telling residents to go shop in San Juan Capistrano, or Mission Viejo to get the bags to use for clean up? Can Eben Schwarz and Dana Point’s City Council acknowledge the truth that plastic grocery bags get reused every day by normal people as trash bags, even by the California Coastal Commission?

The hypocrisy of the bag ban shows itself. It is not true environmentalism. It is “feel good” green washing. Disclaimer, I am general manager of Crown Poly, a manufacturer of plastic grocery bags. I also shop for my family and I have common sense to choose the best bag for me and to reuse plastic bags.

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