by Barbara Merriman, Dana Point

I am writing to ask for your support of two very worthy candidates for Dana Point City Council. It is my belief that they are the most qualified and the most interested in the welfare of our city. Both have served on the city’s Planning Commission. Norm has served for 16 years, and during that time served as chairman. Scott served 14 years on the Planning Commission and the last four years has been on the City Council, serving as our mayor last year.

Both men served on our Planning Commission during some very contentious land-use issues, notably the Headlands development. The results of those years of deliberations and compromises has resulted in an area with lovely homes on half of the property, with the other half developed into parks and trails for the public. Both men know how to work for the best interest of Dana Point. Their qualifications extend far beyond a vote on single-use plastic bags!

Because largely from their efforts, our city has a few outstanding things going for it—no debt, budget with a surplus, budget reserve equal to one year’s budget and no unfunded pension liability.

In addition, look at all the events that are happening in Dana Point—Concerts in the Park in the summer, the newly formed Dana Point Symphony Orchestra playing to a packed house at all of their concerts last year, Festival of Whales, Concours d’ Elegance, Grand Prix bike racing, Doheny concerts, Turkey Trot and the Tall Ships Festival.

I am proud to know Scott and Norm and respectfully ask for you to vote for them and help continue the excellence on the City Council. If you would like to know more about Scott and Norm, see and

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