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Judy Busch, Capistrano Beach

Dear Mayor, you’re jumping the shark.

I hope you will consider making less waves until you have more years on the council to better understand the ethos of this community.

Before you cut services to citizens, the wisdom of supply-side economics should be visited.

The council is inviting some hard divisions between our citizens, again.

Why conflate the cost of 10 minutes less of fireworks with the cost of 10 more minutes for police services, who are already on duty for the first 20 minutes? That appears to be dishonest politician-speak. I hope you will correct the reporting of the OC Register, to state the cost of fireworks, not the whole kitchen sink!

Please check your understanding of what Dana Point locals will tolerate.

So figure it out—that’s what you get paid the big bucks for—right?

In the interim, thanks for serving the city.

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    Restoring fiscal responsibility was a theme in the election campaigns of Mayor Lewis and Mayor Pro Tem Wyatt in 2016. Due to significant deficit spending, the city’s spendable cash fell from $55 million in 2008 to a projected $20 million in 2017. The city projects that the expenditures will outpace revenue within a few years if no action is taken.

    Following are the 2016 listed costs for nearby cities that use the Orange County Sheriff Department: Dana Point’s per capita cost is $319, Mission Viejo is $174, San Clemente is $203, San Juan is $232 and Laguna Niguel is $166. Dana Point’s cost is considerably higher. In 2017, the city’s financial report projects a cost of $388. (Cost of $11,893,986 with a Dana Point population of approx. 30,600)

    The FY 2018-2019 budget for police services of $12,344,223 in 2018 and up to $12,946,510 in 2019, an increase of $602,287 in a single year, is approximately 33% of the city’s total yearly projected revenue. Personnel costs consume another major portion of the budget along with other fixed contracts and necessary road and storm drain repairs. If cuts are not made in those areas, what remains are steeper cuts to city services and events that residents enjoy.

    It would be prudent to review the police services contract rather than routinely approving huge increases each year, particularly with the budget restraints mentioned above. Resident services could be improved by reviewing police activities and priorities while looking for possible cost reductions.

    • Get the police out of their cars, walking and getting fit. Know the neighbors, talk to the residence, get out of your cars and get fit. Be seen on the streets. Not driving through red lights with no siren. Have seen them speeding daily, and not obeying the traffic rules.
      Come of you guys, you need to earn our respect. How do we get so many overweight police? Both men and women. Firefighter have to be fit, why are the police exempt?

  • Dear Judy, it is people like you who do not understand budgets that get us into trouble. Your letter is totally without any sense, and selfish. Please spend your time listening, reading and doing research before casting your vote in the future. DP is OWNED by developers, are you one of them?????

  • Here we go again. The Capo Cares cries foul when one of their own gets called out and bemoans personal attacks on one of their fellow gang members. Funny how they immediately go for personal attacks when someone questions their agenda.

    Look at the pattern, someone disagrees and then we’ll see piranhas come out for blood. Every anti-city letter is written from someone in their group and every vicious response is courtesy of the Capo Cares Gang. This small group of residents have done an amazing job spreading fear backed by false information to create the misconception that Dana Point is in dire straits.

    Now this group is trying to find money to redevelop Doheny village in their vision. That vision doesn’t include the current industry down there. Capo Cares is the one forcing budget cuts because they want the money for their neighborhood. Oh, and did I mention Capo Cares unleashes code enforcement on businesses and RESIDENTS if they don’t like you?

    Stay informed Dana Point and encourage open dialog from all sides. Don’t let special interest groups like Capo Cares feed you false information and pretend to fight for Dana Point.

    Okay, I’m ready for you to attack me now Capo Cares!

    Happy fourth!

  • Shame on you, Corrine Newell. Your comments about the sheriff departments are disgusting. You’re a real piece of work.

    • Anthony, Yes I am, am proud of it. You must be one of those fear everthing American’s. I doubt you will ever change, You must be are part of the 34% who never think beyond the moment. It is time to stop you bully boys including 34% of the Dana Point police. I have seen them with my own eyes on numerous occasions bullying people. What kind of a bunker do you live in. Be as nasty as you like. I have been told I have shortened life span and do not care what you say. None of us know what is around the corner, so speak up the other 66%, do not let the bully boy shout you down.. We do not need to shout, but we do need to let them know what WE think. They have taken over this country since 9/11 Fear is driving this country to its knees.

  • Dear Glen with no last name, It appears hate and misinformation don’t take a holiday. Your letter could not be more incorrect. There is not one statement in your post that is factual but it seems facts don’t matter.any more. It seems you think Capo Cares is so powerful that you must constantly bring us down. Why don’t you simply start a group of your own and do something positive for Dana Point instead of griping about residents’ groups? Do you recognize that while you’re complaining we’re continuing to grow? Our supporters know who we are and for every negative comment there are hundreds of positive ones. I will state one more time for those who don’t know us: we are pro resident, pro responsible development, and pro community.

    If you would like to meet in person for an adult, fact-based meeting, (I’ll bring another person if you don’t mind, because you nameless guys are a little aggressive) I would be happy to bring information to explain the financial situation and to back up Capo Cares’ record in Doheny Village including our support of current industrial uses and the property rights of current landowners.

    We do pass on code enforcement complaints that our members send us ( they generally prefer to stay anonymous) and I will be happy to explain our public beautification efforts when we meet. We target no resident or business and i request that you stop further such comments now that you know they are incorrect. I am trying to stay off this on line site except to correct misinformation because it shows an ugly side of Dana Point that has no positive. purpose. I strongly suggest you do the same.

    Happy 4th to you and your family. We live in a beautiful town and it’s a beautiful day. Let’s enjoy it.

    • Thank you Toni, And yes they are very aggressive. They have no clue about how to have a fact based conversation. They have been getting away with this behavior for years. Now is the time to tell them what we think. No shouting necessary. The US is becoming known throughout the Western World as loud, with no class. However at least 66% of us are not this way but we get out shouted by the ignorant bullies, men and women alike.Thank you for standing up to the 34% who are a little off the edge.

  • Judy, what business do you represent?. Leave DP if you do not want to comply with code enforcement. Code enforcement is here to protect our health and safety, not to protect polluters and apartment/property owners form complying. Please stop your nonsense,, and think of the residents who really care about their town. Enough of this selfish behavior. It is obvious what “side” you are on, and you will not listen to reason. Money is all that seems to matter in the US. Lots of it and lots of power.

  • I’m asking a question, not defending either,side because, I actually don’t have side. I almost never understand the correlations stated in these comments. The question I have is who are the developers benefitting at the expense of DP residents? I mean, what’s the name of these companies and what are the mechanics of the theft? I almost never see a name and when I do, it’s almost always in a flamethrower comment meant to demean one side or the other. It seems time stopped at the last election for a lot of people.

comments (10)

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