Karen O’Donnell, Laguna Niguel

I have a small boat in the OC Dana Point Harbor that I take out two to three times a week. Every time I go out I find Mylar balloons, coffee cups, plastic water bottles and, just this past Thursday, a basketball floating within a few miles of the Harbor.

I’ve bought a net and now collect anything I find. My record is 13 balloons. I’m glad people go out to watch the whales and dolphin and to celebrate weddings, birthdays and baby showers. However, what comes onto a boat when you depart the dock should come off the boat when you return.

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  • As a fellow boat owner and ocean lover, we also grab whatever balloons and debris we can that are floating in the ocean. It has been at the expense of tearing the sail on our boat. Let’s all be conscious to keep our ocean clean. There are creatures below depending on us!

  • Thank you Karen O’Donnell and Maria! One person can make a difference however so much better when we all do our best!

comments (2)

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