Annette Szlachta-McGinn, Dana Point

I attended the City Council meeting on April 18, and I was disappointed by the city’s ongoing dichotomous approach to keeping our disparate neighborhoods nuisance-free.

On the one hand, as passionately elucidated by a Capistrano Beach resident during the public comments portion of the meeting, that neighborhood has played host to sober-living homes for years. The residents have had to tolerate the disruptions that such homes inflict on a community.

On the other hand, as evidenced by the Council’s unanimous vote to install ropes at the Strand beach access ways and the city’s tolerance for wasting taxpayer funds this issue. It is clear to me which residents’ and neighborhoods’ wishes receive the utmost consideration. I understand the city wants to put this debacle behind them.

I urge the Council, as they move forward with management and development plans for the city, to address each neighborhood’s needs in an equitable manner and to balance the unique demands of each micro-community with the city as a whole.

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