Del Prado Art Walk, Oct. 17, Lantern District, Dana Point. Photo: Andrea Swayne
The sidewalks along Del Prado Avenue were full of people during the first ever Del Prado Art Walk, Oct. 17, Lantern District, Dana Point. Photo: Andrea Swayne

By Andrea Swayne

The inaugural Del Prado Art Walk, Oct. 17, along Del Prado Avenue in the Lantern District brought hundreds of people out to the street to view and purchase work of local artists on display.

Heather Johnston, executive director of the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce praised the effort as a great way to showcase the new look and feel of Del Prado following infrastructure construction and the street’s return to two-way traffic.

“Event organizers, Nancy Jenkins and Jack Loconsolo, should be commended,” Johnston said. “They brought the businesses together and created a wonderful first event for the new Del Prado.”

Eric Diamond, who was showing his artwork at Killer Dana Surf Shop, said he was surprised by the large turnout and really enjoyed the community atmosphere it created.

“The art walk in Laguna Beach has become more of a party atmosphere and this is more of a nice weekend outing,” Diamond said. “This is the first times the community’s coming together like this. I’m sure, for a lot of people, this is the first time they’re seeing Del Prado and a lot of the businesses that exist here. And it’s been really cool to see so many people I haven’t seen in awhile.”

With such positive feedback from businesses, residents and visitors, event, city and chamber officials are in discussion regarding possible future events and the frequency at which they would occur.

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