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The California Coastal Commission is stalling construction of the proposed hotel for the corner of Cove Road and Green Lantern in Dana Point.

While the project received the green light from Dana Point Planning Commission and city council, the project was appealed at the state level. Appellants listed are Coastal Commissioners Donne Brownsey and Caryl Hart, and “concerned citizens of Dana Point.”

The appeal addresses concerns the project does not adequately address geologic conditions, public view impacts and public access issues. Another potential issue is providing lower-cost accommodations, which is being addressed.  The applicants, Global Resorts, Inc. and Yenny Ng of YNG Architects, did not contest the appeal.

The site is located within the Coastal Development District of the Dana Point Specific Plan (DPSP)/Local Coastal Program (LCP), which is the applicable Local Coastal Program for properties directly above the Orange County Dana Point Harbor. The site lies within the California Coastal Commission appeals area of the Coastal Development District of the DPSP/LCP. In accordance with Implementing Actions Program of the DPSP/LCP, the Orange County Zoning Code (OCZC) is auxiliary to the DPSP, and for any item or issue not included in the DPSP land-use regulations, the OCZC shall apply.

Opponents to the project had filed an appeal after the planning commission’s approval. The appeal then went to city council. The appeal had previously argued the project was not exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), although city staff had determined it was, in fact, exempt. City council voted to deny the appeal.

A date has not been set for a follow-up hearing on the project. Coastal Commission staff will work with City of Dana Point and the applicant in the meantime.

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