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Development Solutions, DBA Hope 4 Kids, a licensed foster care and adoption agency in Dana Point, has launched a new fundraising campaign in hopes of taking their experience and expertise to South Africa to help set up a foster care and adoption system so that children there can remain in their own culture with families they know and those that are not able to stay will find homes that can provide a safe and loving environment.

Hope 4 Kids will be sending a small group of people to Huntington, a South African village, at the end of the month to set up foster homes for 168 children in need, in hopes of preventing them from ending up in orphanages until they are adopted.

Donations made to the Hope 4 Kids Indiegogo fundraising page will be used to provide these children with food, shelter, clothing, medicine, mosquito nets and blankets.

The campaign fundraising goal is $15,000, an amount that will sustain foster homes for the children until permanent placement can be found.

To donate, click here or visit www.indiegogo.com and search “help orphans in South African Village.”

For more information about Hope 4 Kids, call 949.496.9430, find them on Facebook or visit their website at www.hope4kids.com.



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