By Kristina Pritchett

Members of the Homeless Task Force were given three recommendations that would provide housing for more than 40 individuals in the city.

The city has been working with Mercy House, an organization that provides housing and comprehensive supportive services for a variety of homeless populations, to conduct a by-name list that provides data on Dana Point’s homeless population.

Larry Haynes, executive director of the Mercy House, told the task force there are as many as 43 homeless people sleeping in the city as of Sept. 1.

The recommendations he made to the task force includes permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing and homelessness diversion. Mercy House asked each individual questions that led them to a score to see what type of housing they would need.

Haynes said the average amount of time the people have been homeless in Dana Point was six years.

“Ending homelessness is within our reach,” Haynes said, but added that it wouldn’t be a quick fix.

The task force said the city will need to adopt a policy, but the task force will need to bring the information to the Council before then.

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