By Daniel Ritz

During their meeting on Feb. 26, the Dana Point Homeless Task Force (HTF) decided to forego recommending revisions of the nuisance ordinance pertaining to alcohol to City Council. An ongoing faith leaders’ collaboration was also discussed.

The first recommendation suggested revisions to the current Dana Point nuisance ordinance to include language taking a more universal approach to dealing with nuisance issues. A second recommendation suggested the requirement of all new or transferred Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) licenses to obtain a conditional use permit. Currently, conditional use permits are only required for businesses interested in obtaining an ABC license within 100 feet of a residential location.

The proposed recommendations by city staff were quickly rebuked by Harbor Merchant HTF representative Kim Tilly and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bev Jorgensen, and supported by the remainder of the committee, who believed that changing the nuisance ordinance and requiring CUP’s for all new and transferred ABC licenses placed unnecessary responsibility on merchants.

Pastor Brenda Boss also offered a faith leaders’ collaboration update, announcing the addition of a Saturday engagement event to occur at San Felipe de Jesus Church. These engagement events will join iHope, Family Assistance Ministries (FAM), Welcome INN and Mercy House in an effort to offer a more well-rounded and supportive homeless engagement program.

The first Saturday engagement event will be held at San Felipe de Jesus Church, located at 26010 Domingo Avenue, Capistrano Beach, on March 10. Mary Perdue, Executive Director of FAM, said that more information on gathering volunteers for the event will be released soon.

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