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The Dana Point Historical Society is looking for volunteer readers and watch officers to participate in its fifth annual reading of city namesake, Richard Henry Dana Jr.’s memoir, Two Years Before the Mast, from March 27 through 29 at the Nature Interpretive Center, 345578 Scenic Drive.

This year’s event is held in honor of the 200th anniversary of R.H. Dana’s birthday, Aug. 1, 1815.

The city has installed 42 banners around town to commemorate the event.

More than 100 volunteer readers will each read for 10 minutes, and will finish the entire book in an estimated 15-hour period, over the three-day event.

Mayor Olvera will launch this year’s  reading on  Friday at 1 p.m. when  Richard Henry Dana boards the brig Pilgrim for his voyage to California (1834), followed  by Sheriff Hutchens, Rev. Brandon Manson, Director of Public Works Brad Fowler, Harbor Director Brad Gross and a dozen others.  Assemblyman Bill Brough and family will conclude Friday afternoon’s reading at 4 p.m.  Councilman Scott Schoeffel will be the first of Saturday’s 50 readers at 9 a.m. that will include Pastor Sabrina Vasta, R.H. Dana ENF Principal Judy Dore, Councilman Richard Viczorek, Citizen of the Year Nancy Jenkins, two of Dana’s relatives, Kathy Carlisle and Faith Lawson and many more prominent citizens until 6 p.m.  Bob Minty, a Dana reenactor, will begin Sunday’s reading at 9 a.m. and Dr. Milt McMenamin, a Dana lecturer, will also be among the readers who will conclude the reading as Dana returns to Boston’s Harbor via the Alert (1836), a press release from the Historical Society said.

The banners will be reinstalled in mid-July for a month, to celebrate R.H. Dana ‘s Aug. 1 birthday.

The Historical Society is raising funds to pay for the second installation, as well as well as the installation and cleaning of the banners in future years to coincide with the reading.

Anyone interested in making a tax deductible $125.00 banner sponsor donation, may send a check via mail to: Dana Point Historical Society, PO Box 544, Dana Point, CA 92629.

For more information, or to volunteer, call 949.899.0907 or visit www.danapointhistorical .org.


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