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By Kristina Pritchett and Alex Paris 

A sailboat was destroyed after high surf brought the vessel to Capistrano Beach early Friday morning, Harbor Patrol officials said.

A call about a boat breached off Doheny came in around 5:10 a.m. according to Dana Point Harbor Patrol Deputy Anthony Larios.

Larios said the fire boat, manned by Steve Yannizzi and Art Arellano responded to the call.

“When crews arrived, they saw the boat already on the beach,” Larios said. “They were not close enough to get to the high surf.”

Larios said Doheny State Lifeguards were called and they responded to assist and pulled the operator off the vessel. He added the paramedics were also called to the scene and examined the boat operator who was released from the scene.

Around 7:30 a.m., in an attempt to save the boat, Vessel Assist sent four rescue swimmers to hook line the sailboat to two towboats, but the keel was wedged too deeply in the sand.

Captain David Drenick of Vessel Assist heard the keel crack and determined the boat could not be saved.  They drug the boat closer to the beach with winches.

Larios said the boat was still on the beach around 1:30 p.m. and work to remove the hazardous material from the boat was in progress.

Larios said there is still high surf in the area, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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  • Heard story that a rope was over the side of boat unnoticed by operator. Rope got caught in propeller disabling the boat thus leading to beach.

    Boat was intact Friday morning. Only the rudder looked damaged. Surprising they demolished the boat rather than salvage.

  • Lawrence, besides the obvious rudder damage, the keel had separated from the hull, there was a substantial split in the hull at the bilges, and the boat filled with sand and water. The insurance company’s surveyor/adjuster looked at it and said ‘wreck removal.’ Hence the quick demolition by excavator instead of moving the boat to a shipyard with crane and boat moving truck . A very sad for the owner. – TowboatUS/Vessel Assist Dana Point.

comments (3)

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