Two men were rescued by Harbor Patrol Tuesday night after their fishing vessel began to sank, police said.

Deputy Anthony Larios, with Harbor Patrol, said fire boat 3 received a call around 9:06 p.m. for a boat taking on water.

A 39-year-old man and a 37-year-old man were aboard The Commander, a 1958 commercial fishing vessel, when it began to take on water.

“Deputies Arturo Arellano and Blaine Stephenson responded to assistance,” Larios said. “Prior to arrival, they requested the victims to light a flair, and they were able to locate them about five-and-a-half miles off of San Mateo, where the county line is.”

Larios said the officers found the men standing on top of the cabin holding an emergency-indicating device.

“The officers had the victims jump into the water, there was too much debris around the boat, and they swam to the fire boat and pulled them out,” Larios said.

The men were transported to Dana Point Harbor Patrol where they were checked out by paramedics before being released.

Public Information Officer Mark Stichter said the passengers told deputies they were experiencing unknown engine trouble.

Larios said it’s under investigation, but the vessel is still partially sunk and a salvage operation is currently being coordinated.

The ship’s hailing port is in San Diego and is 57 feet long and weighs 31 tons.

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