Hendrick and Malia Osterkamp. Photo: Hank Osterkamp
Hendrick and Malia Osterkamp. Photo: Hank Osterkamp

By Andrea Swayne

San Clemente has a reputation for not only producing surf stars, but stand-out sibling pairs of talented wave riders.

One of these up and coming duos to watch is Malia and Hendrick Osterkamp. Both dominated at the Western Surfing Association West Coast Championship, May 10-11 at Church Beach.

Malia, a ripping shortboarder, won Girls U18, took second in both U16 and Open Women and claimed season titles in both U18 and Open Women. She was also awarded the Kind High Wave Score of the Day award on Sunday for posting a 9.80 (out of 10).

Hendrick, 9, earned the first win of his amateur career, winning the Micro Grom U9 shortboard division.

“For me, winning was an amazing accomplishment. I didn’t quite achieve my goal of winning all three divisions, but I was alright with second place in U16 and Open Women,” Malia said. “On the other hand, having my brother win Micro Groms was really the coolest thing ever! I honestly could not be more proud of him. That was his first win ever, and I am sure he will remember it forever.”

Hendrick, supportive of his big sister as always, was just as proud of Malia, her victories making his big day even more special.

“I have never been so stoked in my life,” Hendrick said. “I went out there and surfed my best just to see what would happen, and I ended up winning. Best feeling ever!”

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