By Jake Howard

With his epic style and epic vibes, this week’s Grom of the Week has to be none other than Zion Walla.

Watching him bounce around the Stoke-O-Rama all day, at the end of the day Patrick Gudauskas asked, “Are there any groms that really stood out today?”

And, of course, there was wee Walla, hanging by the announcers table, face caked in sunscreen, hair salty and sandy, smile running from ear to ear.

“Zion! What a little legend!” Patrick exclaimed.

A little legend indeed. As you can see by the photo provided, the kid already charges—just like his old man, Jon (one of the first to paddle the infamous Cortes Bank during the winter of 2000-01). A 7-year-old living a watermen’s life, he’s also adept with a spear gun, fishing pole, and he certainly isn’t afraid to go fast on a dirt bike either.

On his 7th birthday, his dad posted this telling message on Instagram: “I love bearing witness to your kindness and the joy you exude in everything you do. I hope this year brings you lots of fish, exotic bird sightings, stand-up barrels, single-track bike rides, powdery ski days and maybe even some first ascents.”

The sky’s the limit, kid. Get after it!

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