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By Jake Howard

“A grom is a young person who is always stoked,” 12-year-old Taylor Stacy said.

With an answer like that, of course Taylor has to be the Grom of the Week. A student at Shorecliffs Middle School and a regular at Lowers, she’s as stoked as they come. She runs with a tight pack of talented, up-and-coming girls in San Clemente, and while she spends as much time in the water as she can, she rips on both snow and skateboards as well.

As far as her surf game goes, Taylor’s all about pushing herself. “I am working on getting more consistent with my blow tails,” she said.

And when it comes to a dream surf trip, “Australia or Bali,” Taylor said. “I would want to go to either of these places because the waves are good and the water is warm. I would go with my friends and family.”

Family’s big for Taylor. She lists her folks among her biggest inspirations. She’s also proud of where she comes from. When asked where she sees herself in a few years, she notes, “I want to be living in San Clemente surfing and skateboarding with my friends.”

With stoke like that, there’s no doubt Taylor’s going to go far, whatever dream she ends up chasing. Her favorite quote is telling:

“Never give up because that’s what winners do.”

Go get ‘em, Taylor!

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