By Jake Howard

The dream is real. Last week, Tanner Sandvig rolled out of the Rip Curl Surf Shop in San Clemente with a new sticker on the nose of his board.

“Beyond stoked to become part of the Rip Curl family. A huge thank you to James (Harrah) for believing in me. Super proud to have this sticker on my board,” Sandvig wrote on his Instagram account.

Tanner Sandvig

Sandvig has been working so hard to accomplish this moment. He’s been putting in a massive amount of time in both the ocean and the pool. Surfing, training, frothing out, usually with his little sis Teagan in tow, the stoke is real.

And thanks to shop manager James and the crew at Rip Curl, he’s got the support and inspiration to take things to the next level—and stay plenty toasty this winter in some killer new wetsuits.

When you hear people say, “Support your local surf shop,” this is exactly why. Our surf shops are the pillars of our local wave-riding communities; they have been ever since Hobie Alter opened his doors in Dana Point back in 1960.

Look no further than the smile on Sandvig’s face to see how important local shops continue to be today.

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