By Jake Howard

Tallon Gordon is all about throwing shakas, and it’s a wonderful thing. Living that amazing San Clemente grom life, the 10-year-old goofy-footer defines what it means to stay stoked.

A regular at local spots such as T-Street and Trestles on his epic Cole Simler custom shapes, he’s also a regular in the area’s grom competitions—enjoying the camaraderie on the beach with his friends as much as he enjoys pulling on the jersey.

Tallon Gordon

When the surf’s blown out or the swell’s dropped, Tallon, aka “T-Rex,” can be found ripping around town on his skateboard. Whether he’s on a mini-ramp, at a skate park, or just skating streets with his buddies, the kid has some serious skills.

One of the things it takes to be a great skater is to have the determination and ability to take a fall and get up, and with his ever-growing arsenal of tricks, Tallon knows how to push himself.

And to round out his board-sport mastery, he also shreds on a snowboard. Long weekends at Mammoth have him as fired up as a good day at Trestles.

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