By Jake Howard

In the theater business, a talent that can act, sing and dance is called a “triple threat.” Folks with mastery of all three disciplines are rare and highly sought after by theater producers and directors.

San Juan Capistrano’s Seylah Childress is what you might consider a quadruple threat, maybe more. We first featured her in the paper when she was 9 years old in 2016. These days, she’s ripping around on a skateboard, flowing on a surfboard, can pick a tune on a guitar, is a budding actress and a huge proponent of “all things rad.”

A distinguished member of the Pink Helmet Posse, a skateboard company for young girls, Seylah is equally adept at skating vert, parks or streets. She has a smooth, well-refined technique and isn’t afraid to go for it even when the vert walls are a little intimidating.

Seylah kicked off the new year with a boat trip into Lowers with her family and friends. You may also find her in the water at Doheny, San Onofre or Trestles. Her “best twin cousin” is a recent Grom of the Week, Indie Hoffman. It probably goes without saying, but they surf, skate and do a lot of laughing together.

Seylah is also involved with a talent agency as she pursues her passion for music and acting. The girl can sing, play guitar and piano, and has a definite presence about her.

Wherever her talents ultimately take her, we’re sure that Seylah is going to be making a lot of positive waves for a long time to come.

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