By Jake Howard

Surfers have been doodling for as long as they’ve been daydreaming of waves, and Ryley Bailey is following that tradition.

Barreling into fifth grade at Las Palmas Elementary School, she’s “been surfing since before I can remember,” she says.

“I mostly surf at San O with my friends or Middles with my family,” Ryley says. “I love all aspects of the ocean. It makes me feel at home. I love bodysurfing, boogie boarding and surfing. It’s just fun to be outside and in the ocean.”

Outside of the surf, Ryley is an aspiring cartoonist who is finding ways to express herself and her passion for the sea through her art. Showcasing her cute sense of humor, this week she even submitted one of her cartoons.

As far as where she sees surfing taking her over the next decade, she says she’s hoping to keep the family tradition of keeping the beaches safe.

“I would love to continue to improve in the ocean and progress to be an ocean lifeguard in San Clemente like my dad was,” Ryley says.

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