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By Jake Howard

There’s something about really, really little grommets that’s just so awesome. Their endless enthusiasm, their rad miniature style, their comically tiny boards, it takes the stoke factor to the next level. When we came across micro ripper Mia McLeish, of course we had to make her Grom of the Week.

Nine years old, attending Concordia Elementary School, her spear of choice is a 4-foot-2 Cole shortboard. Other pastimes include playing soccer, hanging with friends and watching surf videos—although, admittedly, when she watches them, she wishes she were bobbing around in the lineup at all the exotic locales in the videos. Her motto should tell you all you need to know about her: “There is no such thing as bad surf.”

A few weeks ago, globetrotting pro and local icon Dane Gudauskas logged some water time with “Mia Mouse” and came away more stoked than ever, which if you know Dane is no easy feat.

“The stoke levels was contagious! The hoots were flyin’ and the girls were ripping the waves all the way to the beach. You rock, Mia. Thank you for the inspiration,” Dane said.

Cheers to that! Keep ripping and keep inspiring us old dudes, Mia.

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