By Jake Howard

One of the problems with being a surfer growing up in San Clemente is that standing out can be a challenge. With so much talent in the water, from world tour athletes like Kolohe Andino and now Griffin Colapinto, to national champs like Kade Matson and Kirra Pinkerton, making a name for one’s self in this town ain’t easy. But 16-year-old Liam Murray’s been too busy to notice.

The San Clemente High School surfer has been ripping lately. Most recently, he came away with a commanding victory at the NSSA contest at 54th Street in Newport Beach. Surfing in a stacked final, he faced Lowers cohorts Nico Coli and Taj Lindblad, as well as Japanese surfer Keitaro Fujinuma, but was able to hold on for a critical win.

Last month, Murray also made it deep into the WSL’s Live Like Zander Pro Junior in Barbados, which was ultimately won by San Clemente’s own Pinkerton and Cole Houshmand.

And when the lanky regular-footer isn’t out throwing bit rotators at Lowers and monkeying around with his friends, you may find him raising cane on a dirt bike. Let’s just put it this way: naturally talented, the kid’s not afraid of going fast and going big. Needless to say, he’s going places.

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