Izzy Benson. Photo: Courtesy

By Jake Howard

Izzy Benson is one of my favorite surfers. Not because she does big airs or rides big waves, but because she’s always stoked. An 11-year-old attending Lobo Elementary School, her old man, who works for Electric Sunglasses, taught her how to ride in style. These days, “I surf most of the local beaches, but my favorite is San O,” she said.

Izzy’s what you might call a modern, multi-sport athlete. When she’s not cruising San Onofre, you may find her in a session at Ryan Sheckler’s skateboard facility in San Clemente, or riding a mountain or moto bike in the hills behind town. She also plays a mean guitar—“Stand By Me” is a personal favorite of hers. But even with so much going on, Izzy still finds a way to stay stoked and go surfing.

“I really like the water, and I just like when you stand up and you’re just riding the wave and you feel really good,” she said.

This summer Izzy and her family are moving to Utah to ride mountains and chase more dreams. We’re going to miss them, but we’ll be saving a spot in the lineup for them when they come back…because once that surf bug bites, there’s no escaping it.

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