By Jake Howard

Consider this recent headline from the surf publications “11-Year-Old Hayden Rodgers Is Surfing Better Than Pretty Much Everyone.”

Another surf pub, Stab Magazine, wrote, “It’s equal parts amazing and depressing to see a small human, like someone who’s literally 80 pounds, surfing with more style and grace than guys on the (Championship Tour).”

Last weekend, 11-year-old Hayden Rodgers went on a tear at Salt Creek, taking out the boys division at the NSSA Southwest Conference contest.

“Haydo” has been busy. The goofy-footer also came away with a convincing win at the USA Surfing Prime in Huntington Beach.

When he’s not in the zone in a jersey, Hayden is keen to work on his video footage, as well as hunt for surf. He logged some important time on the North Shore of Oahu and, given his goofy-foot stance, had a heap of fun scoring Rocky Lefts.

To say the kid’s been living up to the hype lately would be a huge understate. We can’t wait to see what he does next.


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