How does little brother get out of big brother’s shadow? Well, four wins in one weekend at an NSSA contest is one way.

Last weekend, 12-year-old Dane Matson, younger bro of rising star, Kade, caught some serious fire in Huntington Beach. Surfing in a doubleheader in the NSSA’s highly competitive Southwest Explorer conference, Dane got to work early and never looked back. By Sunday afternoon, he’d won two Boys divisions and two Menehune divisions.

“Everyone who surfs contests knows how tough it can be to win an event at the Huntington Beach Pier. But when you compete in the world’s most renowned surf arena and you cop four wins in the same weekend, it definitely makes a huge statement,” said Janice Aragon of the NSSA.

For the effort, Dane was named NSSA Surfer of the Week and now he’s your Grom of the Week. When asked about future goals, his response was swift and confident: “To keep the roll going and rack up some more wins.”

Spoken like a true competitor. Expect to see more of Dane atop the podium in the months and years to come.

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