By Jake Howard

On a mountain bike, the soccer field or at the beach, Breya Burton’s all about making the most out of every minute she has. An 11-year-old at Lobo Elementary School, she counts her brother and father among her biggest surfing influences, inspirations and admirers. We caught up with Breya to find out what keeps her so stoked:

When did you first begin surfing?

I started surfing when I was 8 years old. My dad taught me at Linda Lane. It’s kind of funny, he taught me to surf by making me stand up on the board before the wave came and then pushing me into it.”

And where’s your spot?

I usually go to San Onofre or T Street. Sometimes we still go back to Linda Lane.

Besides going surfing, do you enjoy watching the contests?

Yeah, I like to watch the world tour contests on the computer. Sometimes my brother and I make bets over who’s going to win. My favorite surfers are Bethany Hamilton and Mick Fanning. They’re both really inspiring to me.

What’s your favorite thing about surfing?

My favorite thing about surfing is that it’s something I can do with my brother and my dad. I love it.

What’s your idea of a dream surf trip?

If I could go on any surf trip, I’d want to go back to Costa Rica. I went there last year, (but) I had an eye problem. I couldn’t really see, so I couldn’t surf. I want to go back there and surf and enjoy the place with my whole family.

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