Grom of the Week: Aidan Sautner

By Jake Howard

As summer approaches, we take a look at one of the up-and-comers to the high school stage.

“I look up to my dad who taught me how to surf and teaches me to always stay positive,” said Aidan Sautner. “I am thankful for my surf coach/teacher, Señor Hennings, who always has a great attitude about surfing and allowed me to surf for my school over the past few years.”

After a good run, the 14-year-old and eighth-grader at Shorecliffs Middle School, will soon be en route to high school.

“I hope to longboard for the surf team at San Clemente High School next year, and I hope to continue surfing competitively over the next few years as I get ready to go to college,” he said. “Of course, I hope to surf for fun the rest of my life.”

Holding the Scholastic Surf Series state title for middle school longboarding and the NSSA state title for middle school longboarding, Sautner can cross-step with the best of them.

“My friends inspire me to keep surfing better,” he says. “As far as the pros go, I enjoy how well Taylor Jensen and Corey Colapinto ride a longboard.”

All the competitive success aside, at the end of the day, Sautner’s stoked just to be a surfer.

“My favorite thing about surfing is being outside with nature, all the new ways you can ride waves based on the different boards you ride, and all the interesting places surfing takes me,” he said.

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