Aidan Pearce. Photo: Courtesy

By Jake Howard

“When you believe in yourself and the people you surround yourself with, you will win something really big one day.”

There aren’t a lot of 13-year-old kids that go around quoting former NFL coach Dick Vermeil, but then Aidan Pearce isn’t most kids.

The Shorecliffs Middle School student is charging to the beat of his own drum—and it’s epic. Recently highlighted by the Gudauskas brothers’ Positive Vibe Warriors for his abundant stoke level, at a very early age Pearce has learned a valuable lesson about the power of positive thinking. Of course, you can find him frothing at T Street and working on his hacks and rail game, but when asked where he sees himself in a few years, his answer is nothing short of inspiring.

“In 2020, my goal is to be volunteering to help spread the stoke to every human being,” Pierce said.

Forget contest results, big waves or small waves, longboards or shortboards, with his heart in the right place, surfing is going to take Pierce wherever he dreams, which, if you ask him, is Cloudbreak in Fiji.

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