Samantha Sibley. Photo: Sheri Crummer
Samantha Sibley. Photo: Sheri Crummer

By Andrea Swayne

Age: 11, Shorecliffs Middle School

We caught up with Samantha Sibley Sunday at the Western Surfing Association Championship Tour event at Salt Creek in Dana Point. Despite challenging conditions, she was ripping and the judges awarded her efforts with a solid 8.0 score. She eventually earned a third-place finish in Girls U12 shortboard and now sits solidly at No. 3 in the ratings.

Following is a quick Q&A with the talented sixth-grader.

Tell us about your …

Dream surf trip:

“I would start in Hawaii and visit all the islands and surf all the great spots there. Then I would fly to Indonesia and travel by boat to all the islands.”

Favorite after-surf grinds:

“My homemade acai bowls with agave and coconut.”

Board and shaper:

“I ride a 4’9” Byrne. It’s really fast and floaty. It’s easy to paddle into waves and at the same time it’s high-performance and easy to turn.”


“Jack’s Surfboards and my mom and dad.”

Favorite school subject:

“I like history because I like learning about our past. I just find it really interesting.”


“Katie Perry. I really like her.”




“Divergent. I loved the book but the movie was a big disappointment.”

Surf heroes:

“Lakey Peterson because she’s young and really determined. She never gives up. I also like Lisa Andersen. She’s really nice.”

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